New flexibility for cubicle production

Maximum flexibility at minimum space requirements, simplified configuration and easier implementation:

These are today’s requirements for cubicles and power distribution boards in the industry. Such concepts are supported by the modular Sivacon sicube 8MF1 system cubicle series.

Efficiency in industrial production has many aspects: The main focus is on energy saving, for example by using power monitoring systems, feedback-capable drive components, or lightweight materials. But also the conscious use of production space is becoming more and more important. As a consequence, machines and peripheral devices are designed in increasingly space-saving manner. This so-called downsizing also includes cubicles and control cabinets in production plants.
In addition, cubicle manufacturers must react to the demands of their efficiency-oriented customers very flexibly and with short delivery times. Practical software tools for planning and prefabrication of entire switchboards are an answer to this challenge. Another one is the intelligent use of standardized cubicle components, which can then be combined specifically for every application.

More than 1000 elements to combine

Siemens fulfills this triple requirement in cubicle production – downsizing, flexibility, and easy configuration – with the Sivacon sicube 8MF1 system cubicle series. This modular system for unequipped, empty system cubicle enclosures is based on completely bolted frames in 60 sizes, and consists of more than 1000 individual components. These can be combined and modified according to individual stipulations. In this context, control cabinet and cubicle manufacturers can decide whether to assemble the single parts on their own, or to have them manufactured by Siemens according to their stipulations.
Coatings in special and functional colors, for example, are as easily and quickly available as cutouts in the enclosure parts, electroplated enclosures, enclosures in special sizes, or elements with a special sheet thickness. Thus, mechanical after-treatment or coating by the cubicle manufacturer is no longer required. The cubicles can be further processed immediately after delivery. In addition, Sivacon sicube 8MF1 allows the customer-specific development of custom-made cubicles, for example with particular dimensions or special interior sheet-metal construction.

Designs for the most different requirements

The cubicle enclosures correspond to the usual regulations and standards, and even often exceed them. So, for example, a material thickness of 2.5 millimeters sets high standards regarding mechanical robustness and corrosion resistance. In addition, there are designs available for all usual IP degrees of protection, such as for operation in a dusty environment or an environment endangered by splashing water. Besides, a wide range of accessories for heating, cooling, and automatic control ensures trouble-free operation of the electrical and electronic devices installed in the cubicle, even under adverse environmental conditions.
In addition to the standard designs and IP designs, the range of enclosures also offers special certifications. Thus, a version prepared for earthquakes fulfills the requirements of standards such as IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60980, IEC 60068-2-57, or IBC 2012. Evidence is provided by means of tests in which the ready-to-operate cubicle is exposed to defined dynamic forces. Both the mechanical structure and the operability must still be guaranteed after the test. The use of correspondingly earthquake-resistant enclosures creates the ideal prerequisite for quickly obtaining the official confirmation of seismic withstand capability. Special requirements as for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are fulfilled by enclosures made of one-side powder-coated steel sheet and completely covered components.

Individual solution at the Siemens Gerätewerk Erlangen
system cubicles Sivacon sicube 8MF1 iat the Siemens-Gerätewerk Erlangen

At the Siemens Gerätewerk Erlangen, the system cubicles provide optimal framework conditions for a complex test installation.

Due to their flexibility, the unequipped, empty system cubicle enclosures of the Sivacon sicube 8MF1 series offer solutions for almost all industrial sectors and branches, such as the application in wind turbines, in traction systems, in the oil and gas industry, or in automobile manufacturing. Siemens itself also uses the cubicles in its production. At the Siemens Gerätewerk Erlangen, for example, they provide optimal framework conditions for a complex test installation. In this installation, the Sinamics frequency converters for tool machines, which are manufactured in Erlangen, are tested at high current ratings, and the pulsed resistors or the corresponding power losses are measured.

The converters to be tested can be perfectly fitted into the cubicles by means of individualized mounting plates. Moreover, all electrical and electronic components required for safe operation of the test installation can be accommodated in the cubicles. The wide range includes, for example, the power supply system, several contactors, safety and signaling switches, Simatic controllers, PCs, measuring and control technology, as well as large power transformers. The very compact 19-inch design of the cubicles and integrated ventilation allow the installation of many components in a very small space. Thanks to the modular system, 90% of all parts can additionally be mounted with a universal, standard fixing element. This makes the setup fast and correspondingly cost-effective.
Short delivery time despite special designs.

The complete test installation is composed of three individual installations with a total of 20 cubicles: Two installations are provided for the high-voltage and function test of standard converters for normal motors. They are directly located at the factory. The third installation is designed for system tests under customer-specific real conditions. This also led to special requirements regarding the design of the cubicle enclosures: Heavy-duty rails and sockets were developed specifically for the transformers with a weight of 400 kg each, which incidentally also simplified transporting the transformers to the new installation. Apart from that, the cubicle doors of the system test installation also required a special design: Due to the attached test cabin, the doors had to be smaller there than usual.

Soft edges, a locking function, and more stable hinges round out the exterior design of the cubicles. An aid for swinging in generally simplifies the installation of the system cubicles. And, not the least, the short delivery time despite the special designs also convinced the Siemens-internal decision makers: It was just 15 to 20 days.

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